Overview of Our Services

To what languages can we translate?

Europe, America, Asia, or Africa... wherever you are headed, we are honoured to be your travelling companion with a suitcase full of our translations. We translate not only into European languages, but also to non-European languages, and additionally also from a foreign language into another foreign language.

What fields do we specialise in?

We have your back in any field, from legal and medical to specialised technology. More than once have our clients approached us with little hope, with texts containing special terminology. Let us free you from doubt.

Do you prefer a simple or complex procedure?

Do you sometimes happen to just need an informative translation, and at other times a translation that needs to be published, and sometimes you want to create work while granting your audience a real understanding? We have the right solutions for you.

Simple Translation

Do you need a translation for informative purposes or in-house use? We can help you with a simple translation, even in super short time. What are the characteristics of a simple translation? It is a standard translation procedure with use of dictionaries and specialist materials. The result is a text, which provides the reader with the required information.

“It´s super, that you are quick and provide a fast service. I appreciate it.” V. H.

Translation with Editing

Would you like to spare your readers of grammatical errors or stylistic inconsistencies? Two-step translation procedure offers, except for a standard translation, also editing made by a native speaker – editor. Since four eyes see more than two, the result is a consistent, stylistically smooth, and easier to read text.

“Thank you for the translations, for all the corrections and for your effort to deliver the most perfect translation. In case of further translations, we will contact you.” Z. V.

Translation with
Multi-Level Editing

Is it important to you that the translation exactly mirrors your text in every aspect? With this multi-level procedure you will get, except for a standard translation, also conceptual check, stylistic and grammar editing made by a native speaker – editor, special editing before printing or publishing and possible check of technical terminology made by an experienced professional. The result is an easy to read faithful copy of the content and style of the original text in a foreign language that sounds natural, does not contain grammatical errors and is easy to read.

Thank you very much for your work, it’s perfect! I believe, we will work together again soon!” V. B.

Interpreting and Interpreting Equipment

Are you supposed to take part in a business negotiation, are you organising a training course or a conference? Beside interpreting equipment (microphones, headsets, interpreting cabins, sound system installation etc.) we will provide you with interpreters, who will:

1.     Be thoroughly prepared for the interpretation,

2.     Apply professional technical procedures,

3.     Interpret simultaneously (in time with the speaker), consecutively (the speaker takes short breaks and the interpreter translates parts of the conversation) or by whispering instantly to the listener.

You will get a tailor-made interpretation understandable to your audience.

“If you are looking for a professional and expert interpretation, choose only Intelligent Translations. I was 100% satisfied with their service.” E. P.

Certified Translations

Do you need to submit a translation of your documents to an office or police as soon as possible? Obtain a certified translation with the stamp of a translator authorised by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, and thus successfully handle your issue.

 “Your translations have always helped us and will continue to help us communicate with institutions. My words are sincere and from my heart. Thank you and I look forward to our further cooperation.” L. M.

Book Translation

Is it important to you that foreign language readers also benefit from your work? When translating a book or other publications, we recommend using the translation service with multi-level editing (see above) using a specialised and complex work procedure. You will get flawless, very natural, and easy to read text of your book, thanks to which you will seem to communicate with your readers yourself.

“She made the effort to really understand my thoughts and to translate them in a way, that the reader can really understand them perfectly. During the two decades of my career Melinda is the first translator to take full responsibility for her work. Thank you very very much!” L. D.